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    Thought I'd post a review of the case I just got, Incipio's Feather case for the Torch. Hope this is in the right section for that.

    Some quick background: When I first got my Torch (last August), I bought the CaseMate Barely There case. Overall, a nice case, but I stopped using it after a week. First, one of the tabs for the faceplate broke. It stayed on the slider/front, but was slightly askew and I felt the other tabs would eventually break. Second, thin as it is, I still felt it was too thick for my tastes.

    I've been rocking a Decal Girl skin for many months. Nice enough skin, but deep in my heart, I wanted to find a case that was super thin and looked good on the Torch!

    Enter, Incipio! I found Incipio here at Crackberry's Shop while looking for a case for my new iPod Touch. Crackberry only had the Feather case for the iPhone 3G/3GS. I went to Incipio's site and found the iPod case there I needed. Got it and am loving it on my iPod.

    After enjoying it on the iPod so much, I went back to their site and looked for a Torch version of the Feather case (after confirming Crackberry didn't have one). Score! I could order it straight from Incipio.

    Cost for each case was about $25 with free shipping.

    On to the details:

    1. The case is thin, less than 1mm. The material is considered a "soft finish". Feels like velvet rubber. It is a hard case, though, not rubber. Not sure of the exact material. Feels sturdy and soft.

    2. Putting it on was easy. The body slips on easily. The faceplate has numerous tabs on its back to lock onto the slider (twice the tabs as the CaseMate).

    I put on the faceplate starting at the top, then pressing each side til they locked in. Finally, a gentle press on the bottom locked the last tab on.

    3. The first thing I noticed is that the slider initially felt stiff when sliding open. After a few slides, it feels like it did before I put the case on. My phone has very little wobble/wiggle and has always been a solid phone. So far, the case hasn't changed that.

    4. THIN. This is a thin case and adds minimal bulk to the phone. I am so happy with this result.

    5. As thin as it is, I think it would be well protected from any typical drop. I'm not planning on testing that, though.

    6. All ports and buttons are easy to reach. The case leaves good spacing.

    7. The back has an opening for the camera that allows you to see the word Torch (AT&T versions).

    8. The lock/mute buttons are not covered by the case. Neither is the part of the bottom where the carrier name is.

    9. You can easily put a screen protector on it (didn't come with one, though my iPod case did).

    10. The case does not add any bulk around the keyboard. Typing feels the same.

    Posted below are all the pics I took. Hope this review helps someone looking for a case for their Torch!

    I give the case a 10/10. I'm very happy with it. I bought the black case, but they do have other colors.
    01-29-11 12:33 AM
  2. Murtz316's Avatar
    Does it still fit in the holster that came with your Torch (with the feather case on)?
    01-29-11 02:07 AM
  3. branflakes's Avatar
    My Torch didn't come with a holster, so no way to check for you.
    01-29-11 02:24 AM
  4. illicitstylz's Avatar
    thanks for the review, going to order one right now!
    01-30-11 12:33 PM