1. luminpro's Avatar
    I just wanted to share how I turned an older horizontal BlackBerry holster into a makeshift Torch 9800 holster with automatic sleep.

    I picked this up from Amazon for around $7:

    I took my old Curve 8300 holster and tore out the magnets.

    Then I placed the magnets side-by-side in the groove inside the holster that normally protects the trackball (something we 9800 owners don't have to worry about). I made sure the magnet poles were facing the same direction. Then I secured them using... wait for it... Scotch tape!

    Why 2 magnets? The one closer to the outside puts the unit to sleep as it's going into the case, and the one deeper inside keeps it asleep.

    The particular configuration in the attached photo is for my preference, which is to slide the Torch into the case with the screen facing the belt clip and the right side with the headphone jack and convenience keys facing upward. You can use any of the other 3 grooves for your preference.

    Before you ask why I chose this route instead of getting the official Torch case, it's because vertical holsters don't work for me. I wear holsters closer to the front of my hip instead of on the side, because I've had bad experiences where I'd catch something on the holster as I'm walking and cause some damage. When I wear a holster upright, sitting is very uncomfortable. When I wear a vertical holster horizontally, often the magnetized latch comes loose by itself and my BlackBerry will fall without warning. Thus, I need a horizontal one. If/when an official horizontal holster for 9800 is released, I'll replace my Frankenstein holster with that.
    09-02-10 03:59 PM
  2. ic2kchad's Avatar
    thanks so much for sharing. I feel the same way about vertical holsters. I'm gonna have to go muck up my horizontal holster too now.
    09-11-10 02:50 PM