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    Hi All , Am new here but have been making ringtones for some time now .

    For those of you that like classic rock , I've finally found a song that I've been looking for for some time now . It's from a band called "Sugarloaf" and the song is called "Don't call us , We'll Call You" I've made a 25 sec ringtone from it and would like to share it with you all . It's in the (flac)aac format but can easily be converted to any format you like .

    Give it a try , If you don't like it simply delete it . I do hope you like it though .
    When I make my ringtones , I use Nero Wave Editor and Find that it is the best way to modify the song to your liking and has many options to pick from .

    Enjoy !!!
    02-09-10 11:29 PM
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    Nice work!
    02-11-10 01:32 AM
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    Heres a few more if you like
    "The Beatles - Hey Jude"
    "AC/DC - Overdose"
    "AC/DC - Jailbreak"

    Hope you like em"
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    02-11-10 05:46 PM
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    Thanks for the
    02-11-10 05:48 PM
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    Well I made a few more , Seems this thread is being looked at so here are a few more .

    "John Mayall - Room To Move"
    "Sam & Dave - Hold on I'm Commin' "
    02-11-10 06:28 PM