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    Hello Everyone! I am a student from uc berkeley and i am juiced and excited to be a new member of the crackberry community!

    I have a few questions and maybe everyone here could help me. I did the best I can to search around the forums but I had little luck.

    Anyhow I just recently purchased a Blackberry 9630, my first blackberry.

    1.) I am using it for business so I want to keep it looking fresh and professional. I want to get a film skin for it what do you guys recommend?

    2.)The Blackberry 9630 Comes with a holster and I am thinking about getting a case that goes just around the phone but will it fit in the holster?

    3.)In addition I just purchased a 3rd party insurance called National Cellular Owners Association for 49.99 for the year. There is no deductible. Anyone deal with them before?

    4.)Any other tips for a first time Blackberry user? Blue tooth recommendations, do you guys drop it a lot because it slips out of your hands?

    5.)Is there a spreadsheet application such as like microsoft excel for the phone and what do you guys use for calendar aps?

    You guys are great. I am sure you guys are like wow what a clueless person. Thanks!
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    1) If you want a clear skin, Best Skins Ever or Invisible Shield are good. BSE is just like Invisible Shield, but for half the price.

    5) Yes, there is an app called Docs To Go. Here's the site with all of the information about it. Documents To Go for BlackBerry Smartphones: Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your BlackBerry Smartphone
    For the calendar I just use the native Blackberry one.

    I'm sure someone else will be able to answer your other questions. I don't have a Tour so I'm not familiar with what is and isn't available for them yet.
    07-28-09 06:15 AM
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    I'm not a Tour guy so I can't really answer your questions, however I did want to take the time to welcome you to Crackberry! I am going to move this thread to our Tour Forum, plus I would also suggest you check out the Community Reviews section http://forums.crackberry.com/f118
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    For a holster and case try seidioonline.com

    For a blue tooth I use Jawbone II and it works great.

    Welcome to Crackberry
    07-28-09 08:10 AM
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    10 char
    07-28-09 08:47 AM
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    Welcome we are glad that you are here. Enjoy your tour.

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    1. For a film skin, I recommend PhantomSkinz. They're pretty cheap (less than $20 for two full body kits), and really good. They don't have a tacky feel to them like the InvisibleShield.
    07-28-09 10:10 AM