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    Just thought I'd write a lil note about this new case I got for my 9530. It's made by a company called Helium Digital (heliumdigital.com) I bought it at The Source for $15. It's a BRIGHT green silicone case that looks super slick. I'm most impressed with the anti glare screen protector it came with. this screen protector is fingerprint proof, honestly!! It has a matte finish to it so you can see the screen in the sun or bright light with NO glare at all and, it's WASHABLE!!! lol. Simply AWESOME.

    Like I said I just wanted to post this because I'm obsessed with cool looking cases for my Storm, and this, by far is the best looking and working one I've had. The screen protector is worth the $15.
    10-16-10 06:21 PM