1. SimbaNala's Avatar
    So with my last BB, a 8320, I had a defender outterbox on it that was fairly easy to get off at the same time. So when I the 9700, I went ahead and ordered a outterbox for this phone aswell! However, I'm having the issue with waterspots under the protection of the case and the screen of the BB. So, I tried to take the case off to fix the waterspot problem, but I can't get the case off!

    Does anyone else have a defender case for their BB 9700 that maybe can share a tip or trick with me on getting this case off??

    Also, what do you do to fix the waterspot problem. Otterbox says baby powder, a lot of other people say a tiny bit of glass cleaner. Any feedback on what works best?

    07-13-10 11:13 PM