1. SuperTone's Avatar
    I got this skin called Skinomi, I thought this skin was like a body glove but it wasn't it was a carbon fiber skin with a screen protector....I was a little disappointed, but I put the screen protector on my phone because I wanted to protect my screen and decrease the smudges...I didn't put the rest of the skin on because I like the feel of the phone. I've had the screen protector on my phone for over a week now and I'm very pleased with it. there is no real noticeable lag in response to the touch screen and it stays smooth. The protector guards against smudges, I am very pleased with it thus far.

    So if you are looking for a good screen protector, check this one out and if you like carbon fiber then put the skin on too.
    09-20-10 09:08 AM
  2. CrazyCamel369#AC's Avatar
    I have the invisible shield on my screen and i like it so far, makes it easier to life the screen up as well
    09-20-10 09:22 AM