09-03-10 09:44 AM
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  1. John Yester's Avatar
    Not at the moment. I did send a email off Friday night late, after hours so will hope for a reply come Monday.

    No worries, they will let me know once things are fixed up.
    08-28-10 11:09 PM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Follow up meeting September 1st.

    Will keep you all posted.
    08-29-10 10:42 PM
  3. jlb21's Avatar

    My flap is getting harder and harder to keep properly closed. No biggie. I know Otter will do right here.

    Thanks again John for keeping us informed!!!
    08-30-10 11:56 AM
  4. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    Thanks for the update John, can't wait to get this great case for my bold
    08-30-10 03:21 PM
  5. John Yester's Avatar
    From OtterBox

    After their meeting today they have decided to not proceed with a change order for the OtterBox® Commuter Series® for the BlackBerry Bold 9650.

    After intensive testing they found most cases have little to no issue with the plug and they were having trouble replicating the problem in-house to come up with a viable solution. They also reviewed your case and photos as well, so thank you again for sending those over. Also, of the thousands of units sold, customer service only has a few calls (less than 1%) regarding the plug and most customers found that after “massaging” the silicone into place that it worked fine.

    If customers have further questions they can always reach our customer service department at 888-695-8820 or customer.service@otterbox.com.

    Finally, our Business Intelligence Department estimates that due to other products on the market, and recent BlackBerry devices, that investing more into production, staffing and re-work for this case does not logistically make sense based on the lifecycle of this device.

    Hopefully this long-winded description helps to answer your questions and you can clearly see how our team deliberated and researched over this 6 week time period to come to this conclusion. We really do put a ton of consideration into every product and always take customer feedback to heart. Our team also wanted me to thank you as well for your help to try to get to the bottom of this.

    We understand that there are some forum posts from back in June of people having issues with their case so please feel free to pass on our customer service info (above) for them to direct questions to.
    09-02-10 08:31 PM
  6. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    Thank you for you diligence in keeping us up to date with this John, sucks to hear but It's closure and I can now purchase my case instead of waiting for what may happen.
    09-02-10 08:35 PM
  7. jlb21's Avatar
    Well, this is a shame, but I understand their position. Having John in the middle gives their position weight, rather than being a line.

    I will call them tomorrow and ask to try another case....

    Thanks for all your effort John!!!

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    09-02-10 08:51 PM
  8. jlb21's Avatar
    ......Also, of the thousands of units sold, customer service only has a few calls (less than 1%) regarding the plug......

    I was thinking more about this part of their response.......

    How many of us looked in the forums and found this thread, and chose, at least until now, to not call customer service? I bet that 1% is under the actual number of people who identified the problem. Also, how many people out there who have no idea cb.com exists have the problem, and perhaps don't even know they have the problem.

    Oh well.

    I don't believe Otter will change their position on this "issue", but I think anyone who has a usb flap they truly have any sort of trouble with should call, mention this thread, mention that a forum moderator has been in contact with them, yada yada yada, and at least get your issue on record if you haven't already.

    I am on hold with them right now (7th in queue after only 4 minutes of the line being active) and will ask them if I can try another silicone piece.
    09-03-10 09:14 AM
  9. jlb21's Avatar
    I just got off the phone. They were more than helpful (as I expected from what John said previously, the CS rep had not heard about the issue).

    Rather than say "can I get a replacement case", I just said "can I get a replacement silicone." They had no problem with that. Immediately got a case # emailed to me and then a sales order.

    When I looked at the sales order, I saw the following product number: 12-12274-20_b RBB2-9600S

    So, definitely call if you want to try another silicone. I had already had a whole replacement case package sent to me once before that had the issue, so I felt it was best to just ask for a replacement silicone.

    As much as I would have liked to see them redesign/fix the case, I do appreciate their good customer service.
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    09-03-10 09:44 AM
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