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    HEY guys,
    I made a switch from my personal 9650 to the EVO 4g. Im still running my 8530 as my work phone but I got a few accessories for the BOLD that i wont be needing anymore.....so if anyone wants them hit me up...NO theres no charge. Im not some noob running a scam LOL....just figure instead of throwing them out, I would hand them out to my fellow users....so PM me if you want to grab them....as far as the shipping goes, I think USPS ships ground fee's are 5 bucks. If thats the case I dont mind paying for it....here what I got....(now mind you im sort of a OCD case..LOL>..so everything is in good shape and working order.....Merry Christmas Fellas

    **2 Original Cases for the 9650, 9630, ect...**
    **1 Standard Battery (acually Brand New, Never Used)
    **1 Desktop Charger for the BOLD, or TOUR**
    **1 Standard Tour or Bold Battery Cover**
    **1 Verizon Storm 2 Case with Clip**

    ***Honestly I dont mind shipping separately to different people but if it starts to get to expensive I might have to ask to help with the shipping. If you live near by Peabody,MA I'd be more than happy to meet up and hand you this stuff personally.....Thanks guys....have a great and safe holiday
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    12-22-10 12:52 PM