1. symon_say's Avatar

    I get a matte gold faceplate for my 8520, i have been watching videos about how to disarm it, and is really easy, but i want to know if the lens over the screen is glued to the faceplate.

    I want to know this before disarm to know what i need.
    01-22-10 04:23 PM
  2. Willamette's Avatar
    I believe it's a thin, double-sided type of tape. You should have a plastic disassembly tool like a guitar pick. As for whether the tape is reusable once you get it off, it might be if it separates cleanly. The youtube disassembly video makers may have email links or other contact info to ask directly if someone here doesn't have a definitive answer.

    Here is a link to a seller of 8520 case components and if you scroll down the page you can view larger images of the cover from various angles, including the back:

    go to sw-box dot com and select the 8520, on the second page there are windows, theirs and the blackberry OEM version.

    They also have some assembly/disassembly/product view videos with the following search criteria used in Google Videos search:

    blackberry sw-box 8520
    01-22-10 05:11 PM
  3. symon_say's Avatar
    Thanks, i already change the face plate, i screw the lens, cause the pry tool goes into the pieces of this lens, and unglue, it looks a little bad, but i'll get a new one soon.

    But the phone looks really nice.
    01-24-10 07:43 AM