1. mandingo_oscense's Avatar
    Hi all

    I'm using a BB 8220 from telefonica movistar. I really like the original wallpaper but I hate the M logo (movistar). I'd like to edit the wallpaper but I don't know how to extract the image (I understand from one of the existing .cod files).

    Can anybody help me?

    04-23-09 05:56 AM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    You probably just need to select a different theme. You certainly should not try to extract or edit the .cod files already installed, one bad decision and you will get a dead phone.

    If theme change doesn't work go to the Third Party Apps message board and look for the CrackMem thread. (CrackMem is a small app created by one of the other Mods here, and it will help you reload without all the operator themes)
    04-25-09 06:31 AM