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    Pretty much a newbie here and hope i am posting this in the right place. I currently run Nobex for about 3 hours on a full charge in the mornings till about noon, and i have usually about 20% battery left. I listen to Pandora in the afternoons or Nobex, but battery is dead by 1pm. My question is i know i can buy another battery and have that one charged and use it as a backup when the first one is just about dead. Couple hangups though. I have it in an Otterbox defender case and don't want to open it up every day, 5 days a week. There is a portable power supply on CB from Ventev that looks like it could do the trick. I saw a 3 minute vid on youtube on it, but when you plug it into your blackberry, it seems like it just has a battery recharge screen default on the phone. I would like to run the Bold off the portable power via cable, and listen to whatever, then i wouldn't have to open the phone up all the time to switch batteries everyday. I think that explains it enough. Almost like you are plugging in your BB to an outlet, and being able to use it at the same time, via external power source.
    If anyone out there can steer me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.
    09-17-10 11:59 PM
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    I would consider two options...

    1. you could buy one of those new rechargeable external power supplies, in example

    energizer power to go --> Energi To Go Portable Instant Cell Phone Battery Charger. Energizer.com

    2. Get a solar on the go charger, some also act like an extra battery, in example

    monaco solar charger --> Mobile Phone Solar Charger

    psst... or you could upgrade to a 9700 and get the best smartphone battery life out there...
    09-18-10 12:06 AM
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    09-18-10 12:35 AM
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    thanks, looked into those...but am wondering if its just purely a charge only (no use of the phone), or can i work the phone while its charging off of one? If anyone out there has one, chime in
    09-18-10 02:07 AM
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    Regardless of what you choose you will be able to use the device while charging. The BB will think it is just plugged into a wall charger. Watched the video you were referring to. It was just showing different BBs being plugged into it. Not all the devices were setup the same, hence the reason for different screens such as the bedside clock showing by default.
    09-19-10 09:25 PM
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    thanks Big. Thats pretty much what i thought how it would run while plugged in or charging. Now I'm all jacked up and looking at the Seidio 3500mAh battery for it, but no hard protective case that i have found to protect the phone out in the field with the added bulk of the battery. Thanks though
    09-19-10 09:46 PM
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    What field of work are you in if you don't mind me asking?
    09-20-10 09:33 AM