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    I got a 9810 for use when i move next month. So seeing how i cant use it i have been getting wallpapers for it instead. Ive been doing Google searches for "480x640" and seeing what comes up. but i have also been taking pics that dont fit that screen size and editing them, go MS paint , so that they are correct for my phone.

    Now here is my question be it pure ethics or just a ruling on CB. Can i repost those pics here without siting the source? I have a good collection so far and would like to share it with everyone. Why im thinking that this is wrong is because i have seen soooo many 480x640 pics out there and yet our selection on CBs wallpaper list hasn't grown in forever.

    does CB frown on posting/sharing wallpapers that we havn't made our selves?
    04-29-12 05:20 AM
  2. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    so by default an no one responding its either no one knows the answer or they dont care... so i guess im just going to go ahead and post some 480x640 pics
    04-29-12 07:04 PM