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    I just jumped right in and started downloading movies for my BB today. Idk the exact procedure as to how to do so. Therefore I just took a stab at it and tried it on my own. What am I doing wrong? I don't know exactly how to do this so please bare with me. Basically, I'm connecting my BB to my cpu via USB (in mass storage mode), downloading the movies, then dragging and dropping the files into my folder. I'm storing them on my SD card an not in my internal memory. So why exactly am I getting this error when I try to play the movies on my BB?
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    I don't know about Sprint, but VZW is weird about the codecs it will play compared to other carriers. Try the instructions in my signature to convert the file you have and see if that works better for you. (If the file is already 320x240, you can skip the resizing part).
    05-12-09 02:47 PM