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    Hi i was looking through the epik case discussions and couldn't find answers to some questions... for those who have this case, can you help me out? I have the 8900 curve..

    1) With the case on, are the lock and standby buttons easy to press?
    2) Does the case affect the quality of the camera pics at all? (there are 2 small holes cutout but does it affect the pic quality?) I read someone had a pink effect when taking pics...
    3) Are the side buttons easy to press since they are covered?
    4) How is the screen protector that comes with it? Is it as good as BSE screen protector? is it easy to put on?
    5) Does the case have a grip feeling in your hand and does the case make the weight heavier a lot?

    Also how does the iSkin vibes compare to the epik case? is it basically the same but more expensive?

    Thank you in advance!!
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    12-21-09 05:17 PM
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    I have a 9700

    1. You have to press a little harder
    2. Nope does not affect the pics
    3. Same as #1
    4. Very clear and easy to put on
    5. Has a grip and it slides in and out of pocket easy
    12-21-09 11:03 PM
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    whats the difference between the case with the circles on the back and the Pro version one with no circles but a cutout for the camera? Is the update Pro version better?
    12-21-09 11:45 PM