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    Hi everyone, I'm planning on purchasing a new epikcase/skin for my blackberry 8900 curve. I saw these two that I like just would like to get your opinion on them.

    I am leaning towards the clear one because I have heard the black epik case isn't a solid black colour it is smokey grey. Do you guys think clear would look good on the 8900?

    one is the clear pro epikcase soft gel skin
    the other one is the black epik case pro gel skin

    CLEAR PRO Soft Gel Hard Case Skin Blackberry Curve 8900 - eBay (item 300350109663 end time Jun-19-10 04:19:27 PDT)

    BLACK Epik Case Resin Pro Skin Blackberry Curve 8900 - eBay (item 350255753866 end time Jun-19-10 02:31:31 PDT)
    06-11-10 10:25 PM