1. Trishka's Avatar
    I'm thinking of getting it. Nancy Drew Themes posted it but I wanted to know how it fit.
    06-21-09 07:00 PM
  2. david9962000's Avatar
    Do you have a pic or a link?
    06-21-09 09:11 PM
  3. Trishka's Avatar
    Sorry didn't realize I hadn't copied and pasted the links!

    Nancy Drew Theme's post
    E Shop Limited
    06-21-09 09:38 PM
  4. david9962000's Avatar
    The style of the case is similar to the Incipio feather case. The Incipio is great but hard to take on & off.
    06-21-09 10:09 PM
  5. HisSgtMajor's Avatar
    I have the magenta one like Nancy's and I love it! It is hard to take on and off though, but that means it fits perfectly! Got mine of ebay for $5 free shipping!
    06-22-09 11:47 AM