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    Hi all!

    First off love the site! I have a curve 8530(just got and first blackberry ever owned)with an 8 gig card and I use boltbrowser.

    So I have a few questions / requests.

    First I have no access to a computer so all I can do is ota.

    Are there any sites like youtube that you can watch tv/movies streaming or download to phone to watch later?

    I love the british show Doctor Who. I would love to get some links to the new season. If anyone can help great!

    I also LOVE all shows sci-fi both old(even waaay old ) and new. If anyone has links to any other sci-fi shows either streaming or to download OTA please list them here.

    Other shows I would like to get links for are:

    V(new and old)
    Stargate universe
    The mentalist
    The prisoner(new miniseries from amc and the original series)
    Battlestar galactica(old and new)

    Maybe if enough interest or material is out there we could start or keep this thread going for other sci fi fantasy fans. Maybe get a thread going for all shows of this genre like we got for the movies.

    Maybe expand it to a tv show thread of all types, with seperate "channels" for each genre.

    I know I'm newbie here, but what do you think?

    I know without having flash and no access to a computer right now its a beotch to get to kill time watching shows on my phone, but I love my blackberry!

    I'm sure there others in a similiar boat as me that feels the same as I do. If enough heads get together we can overcome!

    So thanks in advance and if this has already been asked and answered I apologize...blame it on my newbieness just point me where I need to go-thanks again!
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    I'm not really into Sci-Fi so can't really help but shows like Dexter and Lost I love. Check out this site http://iphonetvshows.net/blog/server-web-hosting-2/ has a lot of TV shows and movies and is updated regularly. Sometimes it takes a while for them to update but worth the wait I think.

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    Thanks! I tried the site but every link I triedeither tv or movie it would come back with error code 413 entity too large. I have a curve 8530 using the default browser with an 8 gig card installed. I have the latest os installed. I also tried using bolt but it didn't even allow me on site as it said it only supported iphone. But I never got that screen with the default browser. Can you or anyone help me plzzzzzz?


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    I have exactly the same problem... I am also a massive fan of sci fi and have tried many sites like gorilla vid and couchturner.com but none of their videos play on my BlackBerry, which is a complete shame, as youtube is very limited.
    I hope you find a decent website to stream episodes onto your BlackBerry
    07-16-13 04:36 AM
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    All the BBOS movies are black and white

    05-12-17 09:46 PM