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    My neighbor jus bought himself a BB Curve & later tried downloading some movies from this site & using his BB Desktop Manager. The problem is that when he tried using his Desktop Manager to transfer some of the Movie downloads to his Media (or memory) card, The downloading process is pretty slow. Even the drag & drop method is still way too slow as well. Was wondering if anyone may have a Solution to this. Im pretty sure others have had similar experiences but if there is someone on here that can offer some assistance or either an idea or some means of an alternative to this, would gladly appreciate it. ***For example: Resident evil - Extinction took atleast
    an Hour for his Desktop Manager to transfer & load onto his Phone & that was when he used the "Convert for Optimal Play Back" selection on his DM. Is there by chance a Faster way to help him out with this download process? Again, gladly thanx for the help on here.
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