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    I miss you.

    You were the one who kept me going through the day.
    You were the one that put up with my play.
    You were the one that let me talk to no end.
    But now my phone won't get messages, receive them or send.

    My Essex was fun, but the processor weak.
    So I got a Montana just last week.
    But now, every day I feel like a fool.
    Because my Bold won't last a full day of school.

    The fandroids all laugh and iPhoneys scoff
    My battery drains, my device shuts off.
    I'm begging you here, right now on CrackBerry.
    Do something nice, something kind for BlackBerry.

    My battery dies before it's past six.
    And I have to wait for my CrackBerry fix.
    My plea, my cry, is up on this thread.
    PLEASE make an Extended before I am dead!
    -Hans Lee

    Typed on my BlackBerry 9930 that turned off its radio to save power.

    Okay seriously though. I need an extended battery, all day at a school that is made of lead is pretty harsh on battery.

    Can a moderator Please change the name to Dear Seidio?

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    Now that I have the 9900, I miss the Seidio dock I had for the 9780 that allowed charging via the contacts on the bottom of the phone without taking the phone from the case.

    It was also designed to handle cases with an extended battery

    Dear Seidio,
    Please hurry. I don't want to wear out the usb port charging the phone every night.
    11-03-11 01:27 AM
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    Very nice.

    Dear Seidio-Redux

    The sound of the bell,
    The ring of a chime.

    I'm going thru ****,
    so I wrote this rhyme.

    The Style is a flip, that works oh so well.

    But the battery's weak, so many will tell.

    If only I could, without any strife.

    Get my way thru a day, with battery life!

    I charge and I charge, but nary so well.

    But a big ol' battery, you do not sell.

    But soon I'll be Bold, just like so many.

    So hear his plea, and give us plenty.


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    11-04-11 03:35 PM