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04-23-11 06:29 AM
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  1. POSITIVE HERB's Avatar
    Got reggae colors? Like red yellow n green? You're the man blykny!!

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    04-11-11 09:46 PM
  2. POSITIVE HERB's Avatar
    That's hella awesome friend! Big thanks!!

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    04-12-11 08:32 PM
  3. ria__x's Avatar
    This is for the new theme I'm making. What do you guys think?

    love it!!! i'm on os 6 now will i still be able to test it?

    also may i request this wallpaper but in a hot pink saying my user name ? thanks!!!
    04-17-11 04:28 AM
  4. ria__x's Avatar
    But I'm just working out the major kinks and bugs. And I mean MAJOR. Like Icons not appearing, etc. Ill email you later in the week
    lmao Blynkey, i have changed my device to Bold 9780 now :$:$ could you do the exact same request but for Bold 9780 ?

    hehe :$
    04-17-11 01:00 PM
  5. Blynky's Avatar
    I will not be doing these anymore
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    04-17-11 01:10 PM
  6. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Could I have a wallie for my 9650?
    480x360 with JayDee on it.
    Got anything with a crown? Maybe purple background with a pink or yellow crown and my name?

    Hope that's not too much. You're very creative!!
    04-18-11 09:39 AM
  7. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Thanks. Does it matter where the crown is? I'm in English right now so I can't get on a Computer until next period.

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    Somewhere in the center or slightly off-center, maybe? I like to use bottom docks with my Bold.Hey, don't let this interfere with your school work!!!
    04-18-11 09:55 AM
  8. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Wait! Your idea is better!!! Lol
    04-18-11 10:17 AM
  9. Blynky's Avatar
    I will not be doing these anymore
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    04-18-11 10:59 AM
  10. jaydee5799's Avatar

    What do you think?
    I LOVE it!!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!
    04-18-11 05:28 PM
  11. ria__x's Avatar
    Bugs are almost all shaked out. Thinking of changing it to Ocean instead of Clouds. Ill keep you informed
    oohh i do have to say i thought the clouds were a great touch. everybody loves weather!!! looking forward to it's release
    04-19-11 04:00 PM
  12. ria__x's Avatar
    Just waiting to here from my other Bold beta tester. I'm actually glad you switched to a Bold. Because this one is only going to be for Bolds. 9000, 9650, 9700 and 9780
    yay!!! i love being part of the bolf crew

    where have you gone off my bbm btw?
    04-21-11 02:37 AM
  13. ria__x's Avatar

    04-23-11 06:29 AM
38 12