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    I've been using Curve 8520 now for almost a year. I believe a month ago i drop my blackberry into the water. Did the necessary 'dry-in-sack-grain-of-rice' thingy. And it works ! Blackberry functioning and everything works perfectly well except for one thing. It could't detect any signal except for a particular specific locations like some corner in my house. But if my bring it out from that location or outside of my home, the signal started to drop and then it could not detect any signal anymore. And i've checked that there's nothing wrong with my sim card or my carrier or service provider. It is indeed my blackberry signal. However, the wireless network works perfectly good. I'm just having problem with the mobile network signal. So for now, although i can use my blackberry for twitter/facebook/other blackberry functions through the Wireless Network, I cannot use my blackberry for call/sms. And this is making my everyday activities hard. Is there any way that i can try to obtain the full signal of my mobile network again for the use of call and sms? Not just a particular location?

    Any Help would be very much appreciated
    Thank You So Much !
    11-19-10 04:28 AM