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    So I need a basic mount for my Bold 9650.

    I was thinking about iGrip as I don't need to charge in the mount.

    The specific one's by model.....I assume they would NOT fit with a Commuter case on, right?

    Also, the universal one.....does it cover the charging port on the 9650? Again not a big deal.

    Most importantly, can I use the iGrip universal with my Otterbox Commuter case on?

    Thanks ahead of time. I searched but did not find any responses to my specific questions.....
    09-06-10 03:01 PM
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    09-08-10 10:20 AM
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    My questions, which I hope someone would answer that might use this with the Bold....

    1) Does the iGrip block ports (not the end of the world for me, except for headphone port)
    2) Does it press buttons by nature of positioning?
    3) Will it open wide enough to accomodate the Bold in my Otterbox Commuter case?


    I don't need something super long or anything like that, and it doesn't need to charge either. I thought about the arkon beanbag/friction mount, but why spend $30 if the iGrip uni at $19 could work. I just want something to raise it up and make it easier to select a playlist/podcast/etc when I am stopped at a light or similar....
    09-09-10 08:27 AM
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    Anyone at all have this and able to help answer my questions?
    09-22-10 08:21 AM