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    I have used HandBrake to convert videos for years. Being on a Mac, my options are limited, but I've used HandBrake to make movies for everything from my HTC Incredible to my 5 year old LG Voyager.

    I am having trouble making videos for my Tour, which I just acquired to replace the Incredible, which I dropped in the tub.

    I understand I can use 480x360 h264 mp4s. I have used all sorts of sources - DVDs, avi, mp4. When I active mass storage on my Blackberry and transfer movies to the memory card via USB, the resulting files play audio correctly but the video is a green screen.

    I've used varying bitrates - 750, 1248 and 1500 - and have also tried 2-pass encoding.

    Any clues on how I can properly convert videos using Handbrake, or

    04-21-11 03:16 PM