1. causbrite's Avatar
    Hi everyone, had my 9700 for exaclty 4 months now, no probs with anything except the following:

    Set a contact custom ring tone/message tone. Did one for the wife and it works brilliantly. Did another for a mate and not only does it not work, but it does not even play the standard tone I have set. Anyone any ideas?

    Only thing I can think of is length of ring tones, but wife's is 30seconds and the one trying to have for mate is only about 15seconds.
    09-08-10 08:54 AM
  2. causbrite's Avatar
    ....went to the little profile icon and clicked "Set contact alerts". for some reason every contact that I'd set a ring tone to had 2 profiles for tones. So deleted them all that were not how I wanted them and hey presto each contact now has its correct ring tone
    09-08-10 11:58 AM