1. pdubeu's Avatar
    was wondering if anyone else ran into this problem:

    i set up a few contact alerts which work fine when the bb is out of the holster (both phone and message alerts). when i have my bb in the holster phone alert will ring, but message alert does not.

    i have set under the sound profile to have message alerts ring when in holster.
    i've also tried using different ringtones for message alert - no change
    i've tried setting the volume to a specific number within the contact alert instead of leaving on the default "active profile" - change

    anyone having this problem as well? any ideas on fixing it? or is it just wonky sw?

    08-16-09 08:27 PM
  2. jedifire11's Avatar
    I'm also having this issue with my Tour, anyone have any ideas?
    09-01-09 05:24 PM
  3. dst255's Avatar
    Do you have content protection on by any chance? If so, did you choose to include your contacts?
    09-01-09 05:26 PM
  4. jedifire11's Avatar
    Nope, content protection is disabled on my Tour.
    09-03-09 11:48 AM
  5. Vortex337's Avatar
    Jedi, In the profile settings did you adjust your "in holster" and "out of holster" settings?

    Pdube, did you try battery pull yet?
    09-03-09 11:51 AM
  6. jedifire11's Avatar
    Vortex, I don't believe the Tour's profile settings differentiate like that, I have my ringtones setup, ex: SMS Text, Volume: 5 and below that is Sound in Holster (I have this marked Yes). If someone txt's me and I don't have a Contact Alert setup, the standard one will play correctly in the Holster. However, if I get a txt from someone that I have a Contact Alert for, it does not play the ringtone inside the Holster. Hope that makes sense!
    09-04-09 11:57 PM
  7. eschulma's Avatar
    I have the exact same problem as the previous poster. I have seen this issue mentioned elsewhere on the web, but no real fixes.
    01-01-10 04:55 PM
  8. efn77mx's Avatar
    There is no fix, other than not customizing any of your contacts. It's a known issue with the latest version of the 4.7 software. RIM is aware of it, and promises it will be fixed with the next update. Don't ask WHEN that will be, because it's ultimately up to your carrier to release an update.
    01-01-10 05:23 PM