1. Tobashadow's Avatar
    All of the clear hard case's i can find have a cutout for the screen calling it a touch screen.

    I need one that also covers the screen
    07-31-09 08:44 PM
  2. davidc2's Avatar
    Not sure if this is what you are referring too, but the Otterbox has a clear screen protector.
    08-02-09 07:44 AM
  3. justlovejoy's Avatar
    I really don't understand why they'd make cases like that but I could guess its to prevent dust and dirt grains from being trapped under the plastic and as the phone moves around, those particles scratch the screens surface. It is better to get a film type of screen protector. Check out our store here for an idea of a solution. We keep it full with everything that's available!

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    08-02-09 09:37 AM
  4. johnelaw's Avatar
    Not sure if this is what you are referring too, but the Otterbox has a clear screen protector.

    Highly recommend.
    08-03-09 07:28 AM
  5. jac1599's Avatar
    My favorite screen protectors are ones that I found on eBay. They are wet apply so you have to be careful putting them on, but I have used them on my last 3 phones. You can literally take a key and run it (hard) across the screen and not get a single scratch. Way better than any other protector I've ever used.

    Search eBay for "Screen Protector For Blackberry Curve 8320 8330 8350 i" if you wanna see them (can't post links yet)
    08-03-09 10:29 AM
  6. ibbeach0's Avatar
    If you dont mind ad bulk (i actually like having the added protection) the Otterbox IMO is the best. 3 layers of protection including a screen cover. I have been using it since Feb 09 and have had many falls with no ill effects to the BB. The only problem i have with the OB is the rubber cover for the side ports you can open has now been open and closed so many times it has broken off. Still usable but I am afraid I will lose that piece eventually.

    Other than that the Otterbox is well worth the price and gives IMO the best protection.

    THANK YOU OTTERBOX for saving my BB many times over!
    08-03-09 10:39 AM
  7. Southern Sky's Avatar
    Body glove snap on case is nice too. it has solf felt inside and a hard clear plastic to cover the screen. the material of the case is really nice.it is well made and the case snap on to each other , not to the phone.
    08-03-09 11:00 AM