06-30-10 01:18 AM
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    06-16-10 11:38 AM
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    The problem is its a 3.7v and the OEM battery is around 4.75v fully charged. That battery is under powered for these phones and yes it is a knock off, its a NON OEM battery and i personally would never buy such a thing for my BB as i respect my phone and would never have any foreign crap in it.

    If you buy a battery that is a knock off and is under powered. It can cause damage to your phone in which your warranty will be void thats if you have any warraty still.

    Its like buying a ELCHEAPO car battery for $50.00 thats states its have 500 cranking amps and is a OEM replacement battery for your vehicle, but your vehicles OEM battery is 700 cracnking amps and is designed to withstand everything you vehicle is equiped with. If you fry something out due to a NON vaildated replacement part. Your SOL when it comes warranty.

    I am glad and happy and i don't discourage NO ONE for posting such things as the OP has done as it is good knowledge from the OLD to the YOUNg to learn such things about devices and other things in life.

    You want the best, you want a proper validated part. Then buy ORIGINAL BB ITEMS.

    Sedio batteries on the other hand are not a KNOCK OFF battery, but infact been validated as a NON OEM replacement part due to the fact that they are within specifications of the Orginal Part. Don't get me wrong now as if something occured like a battery exploded or what have .. RIM still and very well may void your warranty.

    My point here is to make certain people buy a HIGH QUALITY replacement component if you so choose to do so.

    Do i care if you do .... no ...... as its your phone, your life, your experience.

    Not sure where yu get your batteries or info but even the stock OEM that cam with your phone is 3.7 V. Not sure how you are getting another volt out of yours without turning your phone into TNT!
    06-17-10 07:14 AM
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    I also had an personal experience with this OEM Nokia. There are tons of these reconditioned batteries in Eastern Europe and Asia. Some might see a real cos they use a very real case of a battery disposal, but the interior is a xhop store somewhere in Europe, South America or China.
    06-30-10 01:18 AM
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