1. damo140's Avatar
    I've had a charging pod for my 9000 for several months now and has never given me problems. My phone was faulty and Blackberry gave me a brand new phone yesterday, but it wont take a charge in the pod. It will take a charge through the USB at the side, but not via the Pod. The pod 'appears' to be working, it lights up when powered, but wont charge the brand new phone.
    Could the new phones contacts be very slightly different and not connecting properly?
    I'm about to buy an new pod today via eBay (same as last one) is it worth buying a new pod?

    06-30-10 03:33 AM
  2. E_Brown's Avatar
    From what you are saying...To me it seems like the pod isn't the problem, it may be something with the contacts on the phone. If you can I would try the charging pod on another 9000, and see what happens. Maybe you can go to the store, and they will let you use one for the test. I'm not sure if they will or not. If I were you I wouldn't buy a new pod right yet. Also there may be some sort of coating on the contacts on the new 9000. These are just a few ideas that I could think of real quick.
    06-30-10 11:37 AM