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    Not sure if this product truly meets a need that cannot perfectly well be met by other, (less expensive) means! What do you think? Would you buy, or leave on the shelf to collect dust!?

    ABC News - Nov.1
    "Ever get tangled in the mess of cords required to charge your cell phone, iPod, BlackBerry and countless other small electronics?

    Callpod, a Chicago-based company, might have a solution for you.

    It's called the Chargepod and it lets you charge up to six different devices at once using just one outlet.

    The device has a small disk with different adaptors for a wide array of devices and manufacturers. The company lists nearly 1,300 compatible devices on its Web site. It even comes with an adaptor to charge devices that power up through an USB port.

    The Chargepod is extremely easy to use. Just plug in, find the right adaptor and connect. I found the charging station sleek and compact. My only complaint about the product was that the base, where it plugs into the outlet, was large and heavy. The car charger was a lot lighter and seemed more practical for travel.

    The Chargepod would be great to use at home or in the office, but I am not so sure about on the road it would all depend on how many devices I was bringing. With just two devices, it might pay to bring individual chargers. But with three, four, five or even six devices, I can easily see a couple or family saving space.

    The only other downside I found were the ordering options.

    The basic Chargepod sells for $49.95 but comes with just one adaptors. The others you have to order separately, allowing you to custom build a charger for your specific devices a great feature. But each of those adaptors costs an extra $9.95. The car adaptor is an additional $19.95.

    When I priced out charging two cell phones, an iPod and a BlackBerry, plus buying the car adaptor, it came to $109.70. (Shipping was an extra $11.75.)

    The company offers a bundle pack for $99.95 that comes with six adaptors and the car charger, which is a better value. The company says the adaptors fit the six most-common devices on the market, including most Motorola and Nokia phones"
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    hmmm... I'll pass on this one. Don't have that much that I would need to charge it simultaneously. Individual charging with different tips might be the best option for people who use one device at a time but owns different ones. Check out www.iGo.com. Same concept.
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    It looks pretty cool, but it is really way too expensive! You can just us scothch tape to organize all the wirey mess!

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