1. laura--x's Avatar
    Hi, im new to this forum and looking for a bit of help.

    My cousion trood on my phone yesterday and lost 3 buttons. I had a new housing case i wanted to get fitted so i planned to take that to the shop today to get it put on but didnt have time, so my dad decided to have a go (he repairs computers and laptops). And in doing so has managed to destroy my phone!! It turns on but there is nothing but a blank white screen, but my phone is on in the background and my bbm notifier goes off and i can ring the phone, but the screen is just blank.

    Is it just a problem with the screen? If i take it to a shop will they be able to fix it?
    02-27-12 03:22 PM
  2. mandony's Avatar
    Have your dad take a look at the assembly video at cnn.cn
    Make sure the connecting cables are properly installed and there are no broken wires.
    02-27-12 08:32 PM
  3. waynetechberry's Avatar
    your dad prolly knicked the LCD ribbon while he was taking the circuit board out of the old housing. There are no "wires" in a BOLD 9000 to be broken. The LCD can be easily replaced ..... just take it to the repair shop and let DAD foot the bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    02-29-12 08:05 PM