1. coreyoli's Avatar
    Is anyone else concerned that the case that comes with the Tour doesn't have the raised area (like the Pearl and Curve) to protect the trackball?

    When the Tour is put in the case, you can see it scroll up (to profiles) and when pulled out scroll down to apps...

    So, is anyone else concerned about this...? Or am I being overly paranoid?


    07-24-09 11:33 AM
  2. MissJennell#IM's Avatar
    Imho I think you are just being overly paranoid.

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    07-24-09 11:46 AM
  3. mkurz12's Avatar
    I would be concerned as well but my Tour case has the raised areas leaving a track for the trackball on both the front and back inside of the case.
    Maybe you ended up with a Storm case some how? Probably not but that's the only reason I can think of.

    I was going to swap cases between the Storm and Tour becasue they seem to fit better in the other's case.

    I didn't because the Storm's case is missing this track for the trackball and I was worried about it constantly rubbing.

    All though there are plenty of device specific after market cases that lack this as well. I would guess that even though some of us may be paranoid about it (myself included) it probably isn't going to casue any issues unless the case is overly tight on the trackball, If it easily slides in and out I would guess everyone's trackballs will be fine.

    Your concern is completely understandable though as the chaffing of any type of balls is just a horrible and painful thought.
    07-24-09 11:55 AM
  4. ceelove's Avatar
    Look inside the included leather holster... like mkurz said, there are raised areas on the front and back inside of the case.. or even put your finger inside and you can feel it
    07-24-09 12:21 PM
  5. coreyoli's Avatar
    I stand (well sit) corrected. I did notice the inside does have a trackball "channel"

    Sorry all!!!

    07-24-09 02:16 PM
  6. gasneed202's Avatar
    you had me nervous there.
    07-24-09 02:24 PM