1. rainynight65's Avatar
    Just thought I'd share this. I have had a hands-on comparison of these cases for the Torch. Both are very solid and well-made, and both have their ups and downs.

    Fit-wise, the Seidio seems to fit more snugly than the Casemate. Especially the slieder piece sits like a glove, whereas the Casemate's top piece seemed to have some play on the sides. Also with the Casemate, my Slider seemed to be a bit wobblier than it should be, with the Seidio it's rock-solid. I don't really like the Casemate's clamping points, they seem very tight and feel like they could damage the housing in the long run.

    On the other hand, the Seidio's surface has a bit less grip than the Casemate, which gave me a bit of an awkward feel when I typed with both hands. It's angle-dependent and you get used to it quickly, but initially it feels a bit unsympathetic.

    The Casemate comes with a screen protector - I haven't tried it because I still have my Capdase protector on. The Seidio doesn't. I ordered the Seidio Case/Holster combo, and the holster seems very convenient, but the spring holder is comparatively big and makes it look a bit disproportionate. If you tend to wear your shirt over your pants, it looks just a bit ridiculous.

    All in all it's the Seidio for me, but I'll keep the Casemate as a backup.
    02-24-11 11:42 PM
  2. drkknyt98's Avatar
    I first looked at the Seidio, but opted for the Body Glove case for my 9800 that works pretty well. Fits pretty snug even for the slider portion.
    02-25-11 10:50 AM
  3. Tripyn's Avatar
    I have the Innocase "Active" and absolutley love it. Yes, it is a little bulky and the holster is large but the protection is worth it. It has been dropped several times and does not explode like other cases do. I too wish it was a little more gripy but it does make it easier to slide the phone open.

    In fact, I have an extra Innocase Active with holster up for grabs if anyone is interested. PM me for details!
    02-25-11 01:26 PM
  4. a13xgh's Avatar
    can anyone recommend any other case as im torn between these 2 here and still havent made a decision yet.
    03-21-11 06:37 AM
  5. MikeGomez's Avatar
    ^^ check the AGF GRT cases.

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    03-21-11 08:11 PM