1. noaim's Avatar
    So I have been speaking highly of the case I picked up from verizon with the floral background.. I still really love it however there is a semi design flaw I think..

    If you look at the pics which are blurry I know but I had to take it from another phone..

    You will see that the case is actually white.. with a black coating.. meaning that throwing it in and out of my pocket is wearing through the black on the edges and you can now see the white popping through.. it doesn't bother me any but others might want to know..

    and yes yes those guys who are going to make fun of me for having flowers its the ONLY silicon/rubber case on the market right now that covers the buttons on the front..
    12-12-08 01:58 AM
  2. jmw102602's Avatar
    You may want to search a little harder I found an all blue silicone case that covers the buttons at VZW store

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    12-12-08 02:18 AM