1. cstixx#CB's Avatar
    okay finally picked up my bold 9650 from sprint and also purchased the case-mate fuel charger/belt clip. I charge it fully last night and when I went to turn it on it would not charge my phone, unless I hold it together, so I used it with my wife's phone, she has the tour 9630 and it works with no issue. I returned it for another, and once again it will not charge unless held together and no issue with the wife's phone. So question is have anyone else had issues with the case mate using the bold 9650? not sure if I should return the case or return the phone!
    06-20-10 02:44 PM
  2. ddiggems's Avatar
    im not sure what the deal is but i squeezed mine like you suggested and now its charging. im guessing it was the charger/
    06-22-10 10:46 PM
  3. dispatcher307's Avatar
    I had the EXACT same problem. I returned it and got another one. It's better but still not right. In both cases, I was sent the Tour 9630 case. I wrote Case-Mate and asked them if they are the same case and interchangeable. I didn't get a direct answer on the first question but they told me that only the Bold 9650 Fuel case will work with the Bold and the Tour (not the other way around). I'm awaiting a replacement to see if it's any better. Although the specs from BlackBerry are exactly the same, it appears the Bold is just a hair thinner.
    06-29-10 07:57 PM
  4. omeletduefromage's Avatar
    the charging port on the bold is about a mm or 2 higher up the phone than the tour and wont let you plug the charger in all the way with the case and thats why you need to squeeze it in. try to find an actually bold 9650 case. only way it will work unless you cut the opening a little bit.
    06-29-10 08:51 PM