1. cretz42#WN's Avatar
    I have been searching for the perfect case for my 8530 for about a month. I had narrowed it down to an incipio, otterbox or case-mate. I jumped the gun on the case-mate tough hybrid, only to find out that they only had one of the two part case in stock after I bought it. I thought it was pointless to have only one piece of a hybrid case, so I asked if a return was possible. The customer service rep replied no, but my skin shipped fast and I was pleased with the product so I decided to wait it out. After the second piece was in stock, I asked if I could get free priority shipping since that was what I got on the first piece. The same lady replied that not only would I get free priority shipping, but I would get the second piece free of charge. After three business days the second piece arrived at my door, with ANOTHER skin of a different color. Three pieces for the price of one and great communication = one happy customer. If you're looking for a case, buy from case-mate.
    10-18-10 11:40 PM