1. Swavek's Avatar
    Does anyone have/use a car mount with a Blackberry Bold/9000? There's a nice selection of them in the Crackberry store, but it's difficult to tell which one will work well without obscuring the Bold's charging outlet and not press against any of the side convenience buttons. Preferably, I would like to buy a mount from a local store so that I could see/touch it before buying it. Of course, none of the following stores have any mounts: Walmart, Target or Best Buy. I live in Northwest Indiana. Also, will any of those mounts (in the CB store) work well with my car? ('05 subaru imprezza wrx)

    Thank you for any help/suggestions!

    09-16-09 01:18 PM
  2. rpoore's Avatar
    I found this one on amazon. Search GizmoReady at amazon.com. It said it was for the tour but its pictured with a bold, ha ha. Anyway it will fit almost anything ipod, phone, gps. I got it and love it. It was cheap and cradles the phone well. I'm very picky and found this to be more than worth the money...hope this helps.

    P.S. if you mount it with the windshield suction cup make sure you have the cradle rest of the dash. Found it keeps it from shaking with road vibration.
    09-16-09 02:38 PM