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    I have 3 different car socket (cig lighter) to USB adapators. They all work for my other USB things.

    But when I plug in my storm, with any one of my two micro usb cables, the phone becomes unresponsive. If there's a call or video playing, it will continue, but the buttons/screen will not work, and there won't be a charging icon.

    This leads me to believe it's bad for the phone! But I don't get it, it's just 5 volts! How come I can charge it on a computer with 5 volts but not from my car? It (should) be the same frikken thing (I know wattage is a variable too but I doubt it matters).
    I don't have an -actual- car charger for it, because I didn't think I would need one. (Why buy one when I can use usb)

    Anyone else have this happen?
    12-18-08 04:01 AM
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    to be honest it may be the charger itself..

    if your going to spend 200 bucks on a phone id make sure the charger is correct

    because 20 bucks is not that big of a deal when you spent that much on the phone..

    This is very common to have a charger that someone think works and doesn't.
    12-18-08 04:33 AM
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    I charge it with my xbox, my printer, even my cable box! I am an electrical engineer and I am confused.
    All usb plugs are 5v. I thought I would beat the system and not have to pay an extra $10-20 bucks.
    There must be someone else out there that charges theres with usb in a car. My friend charges his LG NV2 the same way, it also uses micro usb.
    12-18-08 04:39 AM
  4. sprintrjm's Avatar
    i tried to use the micro usb charge that came with my bluetooth headset.

    It freezes my storm as well.

    It most likly has to do with it not being sufficent to charge the phone.
    12-18-08 04:40 AM
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    Have you checked to see how accurate the 5V output is? And also tried putting a load on the 5V and testing how stable it is under those conditions? Have you checked the output ripple? If you're actually an EE these things should be easy for you to do.
    12-18-08 04:42 AM
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    Technically you're supposed to ask politely before sucking the full rated 500mA off the USB bus. Perhaps the Storm gets angry when it asks politely and doesn't get an acknowledgement. But being an EE you should at the very least check the viability of the supply you're using under loaded conditions.
    12-18-08 04:44 AM
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    Actually I gave it the ol' multimeter but I mean who has time to test the current draw. It really wouldn't give me useful data as I don't know the correct draw and resistance the phone has while charging, which would change anyway as the battery fills up.
    I think it's giving a lot more than 500ma, which shouldn't hurt, but like you said, maybe it's not getting acknowledgment. I didn't think that the wall chargers even had such going on in there. But hey, it's almost 2009 after all.

    Its besides the point, which is that all my other usb things and phones work but not the storm. It doesn't fit the trend of data. So as usual, Im dissapointed with the storm, even though its probly just a "safety feature". I just can't win

    I'll just use 3 AA batteries taped together.
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    12-18-08 04:48 AM
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    You realize that measuring a power supply with a multimeter while not under load means absolutely nothing right? You sure you actually finished that EE degree? Whip out your handy ohms law and figure out a load to run the thing up to at least 300 to 400mA and measure the voltage with a load on it or don't claim to be an EE.

    I'll even do the math for you. 5V @ .3 Amps = 17 ohms
    5V @ .4 Amps = 13 ohms

    Find something in that realm 15 ohms would be perfect... Just make sure the resistors you use can handle the dissipation. 5V @ .4Amps is 2 watts so using quarter watt resistors isn't going to work unless you stack them up properly. You're not doing load stepping or anything here so finding non inductively wound resistors isn't crucial... Just anything you have lying around your work bench should work.
    12-18-08 04:59 AM
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    I know it doens't mean much, it just means I'm not getting a straight 12v and that the fuse isnt blown.

    And all the math is great when you have known variables, but I don't, think about my car battery, and alternator, and whatever the heck components are in the USB adaptors. It's not straight power. The draw would peak and valley. That's how the batteries in the robots I work on are anyway. I would hope the phone attempts to control the trickle charging, thus as soon as I try to test anything, the phone will try to compensate for the difference or at least something will change. It woudn't make for good data. I mean, I don't know, I didn't make any of the circuitry. but I'd assume so. Right?

    Maybe I can use my inverter. But then I need to worry about the modulated sin waves! Geesh

    I don't want to hook it up anymore though, it was expensive. And since Sprintrjm had the same experience, whatever the case, I need to buy more crap.
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    12-18-08 05:10 AM
  10. howardb's Avatar
    My USB adapter in my car works just fine.

    There is a lot more to it than getting straight 12V or not. The draw should be relatively constant for the most part but will vary with charge profile based on the power management circuit they used. However if you test your supply at the worst case (or slightly there under) (namely the 400mA) you should be able to learn something about your condition. If you bought a cheap Chinese piece of junk then perhaps its not capable of providing the full load and it ends up putting out a heavily sagged output when you actually demand the 500mA that USB is specified to.

    And your complaint about the phone trying to compensate is why you use fixed DC loads.

    You sound like a marketing guy that likes to tell people he's an EE.
    12-18-08 05:17 AM
  11. Thadanator's Avatar
    Yours works? Why didn't you say so!

    You sound like a sanitation guy who tells EEs that they sound like marketing guys. My brain is actually 3 hertz above average. I'm on another level. My brain is so dense that space/time has to warp around it. Don't attempt to understand what's going on here. Do not look behind the curtain.
    12-18-08 05:27 AM
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    Yours works? Why didn't you say so!
    Cause I was busy trying to help you debug the problem and understand why something doesn't work so that we may actually solve the problem and perhaps pass some assistance on to RIM.
    12-18-08 05:29 AM
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    Search eBay for "Motorola Micro USB Car Charger OEM" and you'll come up with a reputable option that works with the Storm that can be shipped to your door for less than $8.

    I had the same problem as you're describing with two different micro USB charges that apparently weren't spitting out enough current. This Motorola one looks a heck of a lot better than that piece o'crap Verizon sells for $30.
    12-18-08 09:18 AM
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    I have same problem. However,
    If I start Clock (or Put phone in stand-by) first before plugging the cable, phone does not freeze and everything works including charge icon. Give it a try!

    Edit : actually, it is not the clock. Just lock the phone before plugging the charger. Clock will show up and you can unlock it and everything works..

    I think it's a conspiracy by RIM/VZ to make us spend money on 'official' charger!!!

    There is conspiracy in EVERYTHING!!!
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    12-18-08 12:01 PM
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    Search eBay for "Motorola Micro USB Car Charger OEM" and you'll come up with a reputable option that works with the Storm that can be shipped to your door for less than $8.
    Can anybody point us to a reputable car charger that provides a USB socket rather than just an attached cable with micro-USB plug?

    My headset needs mini- rather than micro- to charge, so a USB socket would let me plug in the either type of cable. Even better if the charger provides two USB sockets and is inexpensive! (Or I'd be really happy with an integral micro-USB coiled cable plus a USB socket on the base, the latter being versatile...)

    There's a Scosche model for cheap at Wal-Mart and Newegg, but I don't trust the off-brand quality; some users complained of damage. All it takes is one bad voltage regulator!
    01-04-09 01:06 PM