1. rjdangerous's Avatar
    Can you update the codec on your blackberry? Certain sites I cannot stream from but my friends storm can. Just wondering if you can download and install updated video settings to view the same videos.

    My curve loads them up but gets unsupported video error.
    04-11-09 01:56 PM
  2. phantomsphan's Avatar
    It may not be the codec (since you both have Verizon), but rather it may be the resolution. Your Curve only displays videos that are 320x240 or smaller. If the streaming video is larger than that, that would be why it won't play. The Storm's screen resolution is higher, so that would be why it might work for them but not you.

    Although it would be nice if you could load codecs and stuff to your device like you can on WM. Would be nice to just be able to play standard xvid files without having to convert them and having the BB automatically scale them down for the screen. Maybe someday...
    04-24-09 10:37 AM