1. Neuspeed's Avatar
    Hey guys can someone make me a ringtone of Lil Wayne's 2nd verse in the song "I Can Transform Ya"? I'm not sure how long the ringtone can be but hopefully you can do the entire verse. Thanks in advance.

    here is the verse I'm talking about.

    I can transform ya like a transformer,
    i can turn you from a human to a Carter,
    take you off the bench and turn ya to a starter,
    then take you home and put you on a charger,
    then (then) my cars transforms to a charter,
    and we can fly to wherever you ever thought of,
    hehe, i take you to wherever its warmer,
    then i gotta rip off your dress like a warm up,
    hehe, but Im just getting warmed up,
    so tell your man he better get his voltron up,
    i transform her to a Ducati and then I transform me to a Bugatti,
    cos her form puts me in a trance,
    i transform smaller and she puts me in her pants,
    Swiss on the Beat, Chris move ya feet
    and we can transform a good girl to a freak,
    11-02-10 08:26 AM
  2. dye1979's Avatar
    Yeah I could do that email me & ill send it to ya that way. Mine is bwest@tmo.blackberry.net

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    11-11-10 09:10 PM
  3. hemazz's Avatar
    srry i cant
    11-12-10 09:53 AM
  4. Tori1923's Avatar
    I think there is a website called Mobile24 that you can make your own ringtone and however long you want it.

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    12-06-10 10:57 PM
  5. JP82191's Avatar
    not sure if the OP still wants the ringtone if ya still do or anyone hit me up on BBM and ill be glad to make it and send it to you.
    12-08-10 05:40 PM