1. jrfranck's Avatar
    I am so excited.......... upgrading from Pearl 8130 to Tour this week. Can I use my car charger for the Tour? I hate to buy YET ANOTHER car charger!
    01-30-10 11:05 AM
  2. drevans18's Avatar
    unfortunately you can't. but what you can do is buy an adapter. i have one and i bought it for cheap on here. the tour uses a micro usb charger whereas older blackberrys use a mini usb. there is a slight difference, but very annoying to go and have to buy new stuff. enjoy your tour!
    01-30-10 11:24 AM
  3. lastraid's Avatar
    Agreed with above. THe pearl uses a mini usb port and the tour uses a micro usb port.
    01-30-10 11:27 AM
  4. firebox40dash5's Avatar
    Motorola PN#SKN6252 is a stubby mini-to-micro cable, it even comes with a little tether to keep it attached to the end of your car changer cable. You can usually get them for about $5 at a cell phone store, or a couple bucks online.
    01-30-10 11:59 AM
  5. jrfranck's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. I may look into the adaptor. :-)
    01-30-10 04:08 PM
  6. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    YEP what everyone above me said... Buy an adapter or a new charger and give your old one to a friend that has that kind of mini USB on their BB.
    01-30-10 05:12 PM