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    Initially when I first heard Bose was set to release a Bluetooth my reaction was uncontrollable. So I decided to head down to the nearest Bose location and get up close and personal. Upon sight the earpiece is gorgeous, black with silver accents very classy in my honest opinion. The Stay Hear™ Tip is new and unbelievably comfortable.

    • User Friendly
    When you first pair your Bose™ Bluetooth to you're smart phone the process is simple. Just enter the numeric code and you’re on your way in no time. Powering up you will hear a series of tones - this will ensure you have paired the earpiece with your smart phone.

    • Call Quality
    This is where they loose me. When calling out the Connection “Tone” is always hissing in your inner ear and can be very annoying, even when trying to adjust the volume rocker to find a comfortable listening level. You will not find one. The quality of the incoming audio is very loud or muffled due to the noise adjustment feature which automatically raises or lowers the foreground volume without notice. Wind is a MAJOR ISSUE often canceling out my voice to parties on the other end.

    *Noise Rejection Microphone: Filters out Noises around you, allowing the person on the other end of the call to hear more of your voice.
    Range is exceptional and distance measured of up to 50 feet. I have found this to be a plus with the Bose™ Bluetooth Headset, and a surprising feature with almost little to no static moving through rooms in the Art dept or even at home.

    • Appearance
    As mentioned previously, the Bose Bluetooth is beautiful. Sleek design with rounded edges offer a very professional look. Black with silver accents will be sure to marry any Blackberry device or iphone available in todays market.

    • Function
    There is a volume rocker on the top of the device with connection button. Under the outer casing is the Power slide to hail ON and OFF position. On the backside of the Bluetooth are two LED notifications, Blue and Green one for paired Connectivity and the Green for Battery indication showing yellow for charge level when required. And of course the Micro USB port for charging.

    • Comfort
    Bose™ has introduced the Stay Hear™ Tips (also available with IE2 In Ear headphones) that are very comfortable for everyday use in the office or on the go. After a while of talk time you may feel some discomfort, but it's nothing to write home about. I was surprised at how comfortable it was to wear and is probably the main reason why I decided to keep this Bluetooth as my daily wear.

    • Conclusion
    Although this is their first attempt at a Bluetooth device, I will remain optimistic. Even with the constant struggle to find a comfortable listening level, voices come through with clarity and quality. Even loud at times. With its sleek design and iconic logo-it's hard not to want this Hands free device. But at $149.99 retail, It just doesn’t cut it. Regardless of its name, Bose needs to update this device or make some serious changes if a solid product could be re-introduced.

    Bose™ should stick to what they know, a superior acoustic sound that is often imitated but never reproduced. And still remain the most popular in sound technology today.

    The price is high for the quality of the product, therefore I can't give this product a solid review. I can however suggest it to anyone willing to pay the price for a name tag. So if you're a fanboy of Bose and looking to add another piece to your collection, then look no further you have found what your looking for.

    *This has been an official Midrib review.
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    Thanks for the review, Shlee. I'm amazed that at that price, it doesn't come with A2DP included. Oh well...
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