1. txguy87's Avatar
    Hey everyone just messing around with CS5 out of boredom and decided to see if I could make some, somewhat cool looking wallpapers.. Let me know what you think. Nothing real amazing but It's a start, I'm learning as I go and trying to teach myself. Anyways hope some of you out there like them. Thanks.
    10-05-10 05:54 AM
  2. joey1910's Avatar
    Nice, you'll find plenty of people here to give ya feedback and check out the walls. Like the blue and white paint splatter one, no particular reason, just catches my eye I guess. Keep em coming
    10-05-10 10:48 AM
  3. txguy87's Avatar
    Hey thanks, I appreciate all feedback. Yeah the paint splatter and the heart one are probly the 2 best even though the splatter didn't take any effort lol. BUt I do appreciate any feedback and ideas or tips. Thanks!.
    10-05-10 02:45 PM