1. anon(2850848)'s Avatar
    When they were first introduced, and you could only get them by ordering online from the UK, I got myself a Solio (what is now the Classic model, what was their only model) Solio Classic | Universal Portable Solar Charger I think the one detailed in that page has improved specs from the one I own.

    However, upon trying to charge my Bold 9700 this evening I got the dreaded "The device you have connected can not charge your Blackberry" error message. Not enough power! It didn't work while powered off, either.

    Has anyone else had this problem, or do I just have a Solio too old to accomodate the 9700? I was considering cross-grading to the Rocsta (since it's more convenient for me to use and carry) Solio Rocsta H1000 Hybrid Solar Charger Has anyone successfully charged a Bold 9700 with one of those?

    01-17-10 06:28 PM
  2. noaim's Avatar
    hmm it should work according to there specs 800mA output range.

    the charger for a blackberry is 700ma and both models you show have a 800 ma rating
    01-17-10 07:08 PM
  3. anon(2850848)'s Avatar
    It should, indeed! However, it seems not to and I was wondering if anyone had had a similar experience, or if my Solio was just old and getting wonky.

    That does, at least, give me confidence to buy the new one.
    01-18-10 10:37 AM
  4. slushee's Avatar
    I will be testing mine tonight .. I literally just unboxed my H1000 (i'm at work) and when i'm done, i'm going home to charge it and then plug in my 9700

    Now you've got me thinking i just wasted $40

    Oh well, time will tell...
    02-05-10 03:08 PM
  5. anon(2850848)'s Avatar
    Hey slushee, how'd it end up working out for you?

    Keep in mind: I asked expresslybecause I was worried that my Solio Classic, the first one that was ever produced, was too old and had a badly-tended battery; I was hoping that a new model, the one you have, would work (as the tech specs seem to suggest it should).
    02-08-10 11:19 PM
  6. slushee's Avatar
    The H1000 solio charger with the micro USB tip charges my 9700 quite well as well as my girlfriends 9700 with no issues ..

    I'm actually a bit of a fan .. haven't had a chance to 'test' the solar charging but i intend to charge it up USB and keep with me (supposidly holds charge for 1 year) and use it as an 'emergency charge' .. with the capability to 'recharge' another time using solar if I'm deployed for 2 or more days with no notice/no access to electricity...

    So far, it's everything I wanted it to be

    PS-when i ordered it I had this feeling it was going to be very 'fragile' ... when i recieved it, it's quite rugged and have faith that it will survive very light rain, banging around attached to a pack and being stuffed in the bottom of a backpack... AND instructions state to remove three screw, split the unit and battery can be replaced (so easy a monkey with a torque screwdriver could do it)... So all in all .. I see this unit following me for years!
    02-09-10 12:13 PM
  7. anon(2850848)'s Avatar
    slushee, I really appreciate you coming back and posting your results; so many forum users (not on CB specfically, but in general) don't, but it's a real asset to have an answer to my question. I had hoped that it would work.

    I, too, was surprised at how sturdy the original solio felt, and that was the very first model. I presume the Rocsta, with (basically) no moving parts, would be pretty rugged!

    So, in short: sold! Thanks again for your reply.

    As some advice from someone who's had a solio for many years: keep it charged. Stick it in a window when you're not using it and leave it there.
    02-09-10 08:19 PM
  8. pilsbury's Avatar
    thanks for this thread-very useful. Im going to order one, everyone should look into getting one of these-you never know what is going to happen.
    02-09-10 09:04 PM
  9. anon(2850848)'s Avatar
    I got mine originally for charging my GPS, iPod, and other electronics while on backcountry expeditions. This should do my fine while camping (you know, for recording climbs with BIMActive hehe).
    02-09-10 09:34 PM