1. JimiMack's Avatar
    I am got an Otterbox Commuter case and will use it with a 2600mah battery, after customizing the case of course. I was wondering if anyone knew if you can use the Defender holster with the Commuter case? I like a holster that allows for a quick draw of the Bold and not one with a latch on it to hold it in place. If not the Defender holster any slip in holster would do that fits the case.
    01-12-11 10:37 AM
  2. mirren's Avatar
    The Defender holster does not work with the Commuter. I use the Seidio Spring Lock holster which, for me, allows a quick draw. Others have said the holster that comes with the 9650 is a bit tight but works as well. My friend uses a BOLD 9000 leather holster, so you can look into that option as well. Not sure if the sleep function works for her using that holster/case. The last two I named have latches/tabs that are easy to flip up. Hope this helps.
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    01-12-11 03:28 PM
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    Thanks, it is something.
    01-12-11 03:52 PM