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    Anyone have the new BlueAnt Q2?

    I've been using the V1 for some time now and have really enjoyed it, but have noticed lately I'm having to yell "Answer" to get it to answer.

    Just ordered the new Q2 today. I'm wondering if anyone else has it and what are your thoughts?

    If you are considering one, you can use promo code "COLONY" at the BlueAnt site for $30.00 off until Aug. 31st.

    BlueAnt Wireless Online Shop (North America)
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    I use the Plantronics Pro. I don't know anyone who uses that one.
    08-16-10 11:40 PM
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    I've got the T1 and I love it. Had the Z9 before that. I love the voice answering because my phone is in its holster most of the time so I can hear who it is without looking at my phone.
    Let me know how you like the Q2, I might get it and pass down my T1 to a friend of mine. I'm especially interested to know how the Q2 operates with a lot of background noise, not just necessarily wind noise.
    08-26-10 01:56 AM
  4. Connert's Avatar
    I really like the Q2 so far. Just finished up the 4th full day of use (7 am to 5 pm). Fit is very good as well as very comfortable.

    I have ask several co-workers how I sound while using it and no one could tell I was not just talking through the phone. I also tested it by calling my desk phone at work and leaving a voice mail. I stood out by an air conditioning unit for one test and it worked very well. I also tested while driving 60 mph on the Hwy with the windows up and then down. It was hard to tell much difference either way.

    I think the T1 and the Q2 have the same noise canceling system so it should be the same.

    I have to say I am VERY happy with this headset and would buy it again!

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    08-26-10 07:26 PM