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    EDIT: A firmware update for my BlackBerry Presenter fixed this issue, as did patience. Mods, please lock this thread. To everyone else, please ignore the post below.

    Alright, so I just got my eagerly-anticipated BlackBerry Presenter today, and have been eager to give it a test run in order to make sure I can get everything ready for when I planned to start using it for presentations. So glad I did, as I've come to the first problem. It ain't presenting!

    I have:
    Paired the devices together
    Opened BlackBerry Presenter, then my document (ppt), and selected Present
    Made sure the BlackBerry Presenter is properly connected to the projection device.
    Made sure the BlackBerry smartphone is working fine.

    However reading up on the Getting Started guide, it says it needs to be associated with a BES running V5 SP1.

    So my question to you is this, is there any workaround I can use to present from my BlackBerry smartphone, or can someone help me get a BES set up on my Windows Vista machine?
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