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    Hello everyone.

    This might interess a few who have a PlayBook. Got a call from a family member saying that Staples Canada has it on sale for $44.97

    Unfortunately, not sure when the sales ends

    They have the price listed on Staples.ca. Do a search for "PlayBook" and you should find it.

    Note: Not at 10 posts yet or I would have posted the link
    12-14-11 10:41 AM
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    Just got one for $39.97 by showing them that price at their own sitehttp://www.staples.ca/ENG/Catalog/cat_sku.asp?webid=322756&CatIds=&AffixedCode=&=&=& =&cid=CSE:SBD:SHOPBOT:SE:322756_ENG Shawnessey Staples in Calgary has a couple left and you could have them search other stores as well.

    02-09-12 02:31 PM
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    Just bought this for $25 from Walmart.com (US) with 97 shipping...

    Anyone else had a problem with the included blade charger not making a connection through the USB port--I've had my PB since late Aug and I had to fiddle around for about 10 min last weekend to get it to charge--that's why I ordered the Rapid Charger. I don't want to put too much stress on the USB port, and have read enough to know that the Rapid Charging stand is a faulty product.
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    02-13-12 01:24 PM
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    radio shack has the rappid charger for 19.99 and walmart has the charging dock for 29.99
    02-27-12 11:39 AM