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    I recently bought this headset and am still getting the hang of it, but I was just wondering if any HS-500 owners could give me some feedback on the on/off function switch on their device, as mine doesn't seem to work...

    It doesn't matter if i have the sliding switch in the on or off position. Either way all the functions of the device seem to work exactly the same, which is annoying because say i am finished on a call and i want to remove my headset and put it away, i now have to use my Bold 9700 and turn off the bluetooth as opposed to just switching the headset off on it's switch.

    I discovered this issue the hard way over the weekend. I was driving and talking on the headset (it does sound good i have to admit), then i finished the call and arrived at my destination. I removed the headset, switched the sliding on/off switch on the bottom to the 'off' position, and put it in my jacket pocket. When i returned to my car i was surprised to have a number of messages from the person i had been talking to saying had been called 20 times because my headset had kept redialling their number! Not good, not good...

    Am i missing something here? Surely the point of the switch is to turn the device off completely? Is it just a standby mode or some kind of delayed shutdown and i'm missing it completely? I've been over the manual time and time again but it's been no help, and it only seems to describe some of the devices functions anyway, and fairly vaguely at that!

    I'd appreciate any input anyone can give. Thanks
    01-11-10 07:31 AM