1. bielefeld's Avatar
    Hey so after the blog post of the Jabra Cruiser 2 in car speakerphone (and losing the contest to get a free one) I bought one and so far love it. However there is one thing that I would love to change and can't figure out how or even if it is possible. The Cruiser 2 announces the names of whoever is calling you (which I love) however it states the lastname first which annoys me a little.

    Does anyone know if you can change this? I looked everywhere on Jabras website and couldn't figure it out. Then it hit me that it might be a setting on my BlackBerry but I still couldn't figure it out. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
    04-07-11 03:51 PM
  2. Suzd104's Avatar
    We have a software update that will be posted on Jabra.com in the near future. You can access that update via this link - rcpt.yousendit.com/1102413947/23cad570ba9e447ed3eabd0a4d54a64b

    If you have any other questions, we can be reached quickly on twitter at: Jabra_US
    04-22-11 08:34 AM
  3. jlb21's Avatar
    Interestingly, when I setup contacts on my Bold, I put Lastname, in as the first name and the first name as last, so that they order by last name when I enter the contacts db.
    04-25-11 10:05 AM